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Motorcycle AccidentEach year, there are more than 100,000 motorcycle accidents reported in the United States. The figure could be much higher than most people realize. On the other hand, the number of accidents seems to keep climbing every year. Riding a motorcycle is a very special experience for many people. Unfortunately, the majority of drivers on the road just do not see motorcycle riders, and the bulk of motorcycle accidents in the United States are negligent accidents. There are many causes of motorcycle accidents in the country. The most common instance is where the other driver fails to give the right of way to a motorcycle rider.

Typical Injuries Suffered By Motorcycle Riders

Leg injuries are the most common type of injury that results due to a motorcycle accident. A fractured or amputated leg is very common in a such an accident. In fact, when another vehicle hits the motorcycle from the side, the rider’s leg is mostly affected by the collision. The motorcycle provides little or no serious leg protection. A broken tibia (shinbone) is considered the most common leg fracture that results due to a motorcycle accident. The knee joint is involved in a tibial plateau fracture – such a patient has an improved risk for post-traumatic arthritis.

TBI or traumatic brain injury is another common type of injury that results from a motorcycle accident. The brain will move inside the skull and strike the hardest part of the skull in order to cause a traumatic brain injury. This can happen even when the rider is having his/her helmet on. On the other hand, fractured or broken bones in the neck and back are common injuries due to motorcycle accidents. All these injuries can disrupt the normal life of the individual. In fact, the affected individual may have to spend months or even years confined to a hospital bed under most circumstances. It could seriously affect the financial status and quality of life of the victim.

Your choice of motorcycle accident lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. You should be able to claim a reasonable amount of compensation from the party who is responsible for the accident. A highly specialized motorcycle accident lawyer is essential to represent your case in a court of law. He or she should have extensive experience in taking such cases to trial. On the other hand, the right motorcycle accident lawyer should be able to successfully negotiate with the insurance provider of the other party to get you the maximum amount of compensation. Such a lawyer knows what you are going through since they have been in a similar situation with their past clients. Hence, they know how to use the law in order to get you what you are entitled under its protection. The right lawyer should have an extremely high success rate of winning his/her past motorcycle accident cases. These are important things to consider when choosing the best motorcycle accident lawyer to represent your case in a court of law.

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