Personal Injury Cases: Know The Differences

Injured Tenants Can Rely on a Trusted Oklahoma Slip and Fall LawyerWhen a client is injured, one of the first steps is to determine the type of le

gal case they can file, which will, in turn, to determine liability.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma can greatly help in assessing liability and responsibility, and in securing proper compensation for the accident.

Vehicular Accidents

Accidents involving cars are the most common cases in the United States. Currently, Oklahoma imposes an “at-fault” law, which means that courts will determine who the careless driver is in a particular case, and then the errant motorists are held responsible for any injuries and financial damages.

Cases that involve motorcycles, on the other hand, are trickier because motorcycles offer no protection from other drivers — additionally, there is a common perception of motorcycle drivers as being “more reckless.” However, Oklahoma laws dictate that a motorcycle rider has the same rights as an automobile driver if they are injured by an aggressive driver.

A skilled lawyer can navigate motorcycle accident laws and help motorcycle riders get the justice and fair compensation due them.

Slip and Fall Cases

One of the leading causes of death for people above the age of 70, slip and fall cases involve accidents on residential properties that cause personal injury and damages. Whether it’s uneven flooring or leaks that causes a surface to become slippery, these cases often lead to serious injury or even death.

Within a residential property, the resident or property owner will be held accountable for keeping their property relatively and reasonably safe. With this in mind, however, liability can still be dependent on the exact nature of the accident, as well as on the existing laws of the state in which the accident occurred.

Medical Accidents

Often, medical malpractice cases stem from a healthcare provider’s failure to provide competent medical care. This can involve negligence during an operation, or failure to diagnose a condition, and even the prescription of the wrong medication.

Other damages sustained during medical treatment can also fall under a malpractice case. However, the patient must first fulfill certain legal requirements for the court to consider the case as medical malpractice.

First, patients have to prove that they have a working relationship with the physician. Secondly, they must show that the physician was being negligent. Third, patients must show that the negligence of the physician caused injury. Finally, patients must show that the injury they sustained caused damages.

Because of the complexities of medical malpractice laws in Oklahoma, legal and medical experts are required for a successful litigation.

Work-related Accidents

Injuries and damages sustained in a person’s place of employment qualify as work-related accidents. While most cases usually involve immediate injury or damage incurred in the workplace, certain conditions that develop over time, like a debilitating disease or psychological condition, can also be included.

Workplace and work-related accidents are often due to negligence on the part of the employer, although judgment is always reserved until the exact details of the case are analyzed by lawyers.

Our lawyers at Little, Oliver & Gallagher are experts in all these cases and can help clients get the compensation they deserve.

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