Seeking Fair Compensation After Serious Boating Accidents

Boating AccidentsFocusing mainly on the hours of fun and enjoyment that can be had on the water, many people fail to appreciate the true hazards that recreational and even commercial boating can represent. Serious injury and sometimes even death occur with unfortunate frequency, and it may be the case that another party’s negligence is to blame. When this is the case, a skilled boating accident attorney can help.

Dangerous incidents on the water are always a possibility that must not be ignored. The fact of the matter is that many boaters, particularly casual ones, do not act with the same level of care that they might when driving a car over the road. Lack of adherence to boating safety practices is a significant cause of the types of events that necessitate the assistance of a seasoned lawyer.

Far too many injuries each and every year stem from the utterly avoidable mistake of not using life jackets or an ill-advised decision to operate a boat that does not have a kill switch installed. In the latter scenario, it is frighteningly easy for tragedy to unfold if a boat operator is temporarily unable to exercise control over the vessel for some reason.

Many have the erroneous belief that making the choice to go boating is, in essence, an assumption of any risk that may originate from the activity. However, there are countless situations each year in which injuries sustained on the water are the result of negligence on the part of the boat’s driver or a third-party actor. These routinely include:

  • Boat operation at excessive speeds
  • Traveling in large wake zones at hazardous angles
  • Failing to prevent contact with propellers
  • Boating in inclement weather conditions
  • Failure to observe navigational rules
  • Neglect of tubers and water skiers in the area
  • Improper and insufficient watercraft maintenance
  • Boating while under the influence
  • Boat design and manufacturing defects
  • Overloaded vessels

Boating accidents can be truly life-altering events, given the severity of the injuries they are known to produce. Common harm suffered in these situations includes spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, deep lacerations, burns and more.

Anyone who has been involved in an accident of this nature needs to realize that an attorney with specific experience handling boating mishaps is critical if justice is to be obtained. Such a practitioner will set to work reviewing the vessel’s complete history, the boat operator’s driving history and training level, available eyewitness statements, medical records, police reports and more.

If a comprehensive investigation reveals that another party’s negligence was in fact the cause of a victim’s injuries, it may indeed be possible to secure significant financial compensation. Whether in the form of a negotiated settlement or a trial verdict, injured parties often receive payment for medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation and therapy costs, reductions in future earning capacity, emotional distress, physical pain and more.

When it comes to obtaining justice and accountability in the aftermath of boating accidents, the sooner legal representation is sought, the better the chances of success. A zealous injury attorney is precisely the ally victims need at what is surely among the most trying times of their lives.

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