Attorneys for Wrongful Death Claims

One of the most excruciating experiences in life occurs when we lose a family member or loved one. The grief and emotional anguish can be utterly debilitating and it can last many months, and even years. When you add financial stress and uncertainty it often becomes unbearable.

If someone you love has died or been killed as a result of someone’s recklessness and/or negligent behavior, you may be asking yourself:

  • “How am I ever going to get through all of this?”
  • “Where is the money coming from to pay the medical costs and funeral expenses?”
  • “How am I going to support my family when I can’t even get out of bed?”
  • “How is it possible to get back on my feet and resume a normal life?”

The Law Firm of Little, Oliver & Gallagher has been helping the families left behind by such tragedies. We have stood alongside grieving parents, spouses and children to help them understand their legal rights and get the justice they are entitled to. This includes securing the financial compensation they are owed due to the wrongful death of their loved one(s).

Although nothing can turn the clock back, this does give them some measure of peace and the financial security they deserve to help them move on after this loss. Our attorneys and staff provide the legal expertise needed to prevail in these very difficult cases. We practice the highest standards in the legal profession, communicate clearly and provide the best legal services in the industry. We believe in treating every client with the utmost respect.

Deadlines for Recovering Financial Damages

To be entitled to damages from the wrongful death of a family member or loved one, the plaintiffs must prove in court that the victim died as a result of negligence and/or an act intended to harm them, which resulted in death. There is always a need to collect any available evidence and to interview all possible witnesses if you are going to establish liability. Time is of the essence in these matters.

Furthermore, interested parties like heirs and survivors are required to file any and all lawsuits claiming wrongful death before the deadline expires. It is certainly understandable that family and friends of the decedent are grieving, however at least one heir must take the necessary legal action within the time limit to obtain the compensation the family and/or plaintiffs are entitled to and deserve.

Little, Oliver & Gallagher Law firm will do everything it can to assist in all legal matters following the unfortunate death of a family member or loved one. We do not charge for the initial legal consultation because this is simply a way for the family to meet with us to discuss all the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the death. This consultation is for them a way to find out as much as they can about their legal rights in the matter, so they can make an informed decision in exercising those rights.

One of our experienced personal injury attorneys will listen to all the details of your case, answer all your questions, and provide you with an educated estimate as to what your financial compensation might be in this case. Once you’ve been given this information we will talk to you about the following steps that should be taken to move forward with your legal case. If it looks like you will need our services, we will then discuss the details of our fees.

Before any deadlines pass it is vital that you become informed of your legal rights and take the proper action to receive just compensation for the tragic and untimely loss of your loved one. Please give us a call today at (580) 798-0447 to schedule a consultation so that you can protect your rights by starting your death claim. Money won’t ever make things right, but it can give you a measure of justice and help relieve the financial burden affecting your family. It will also allow you the time to grieve your loss and begin to heal.

What Financial Damages Would I be Entitled to?

The laws governing wrongful death in Oklahoma are highly complex, which makes it extremely important that you have topnotch lawyers that specialize in wrongful death and personal injury help you with your case. If you’re a surviving family member, heir or loved one of a victim of wrongful death, you are legally entitled to pursue financial damages for:

  1. Loss of love, affection, comfort, companionship, moral support, solace, society and if you’re the victim’s spouse, you can pursue the loss of the decedent’s consortium.
  2. Value of the loss of financial support;
  3. Value of the loss of household services.

Additionally, there are many different fixed expenses you may be able to recover, such as medical costs and hospital bills of the victim, as well as the costs of the funeral and burial. To find out the full scope of financial damages you would be entitled to, you need to speak with a wrongful death lawyer who has an expertise in many different practice areas.

For more information contact one of our highly qualified Attorneys in the Oklahoma City area call (405) 253-4478 or our main office in Ardmore (580) 798-0447.