4 Common Oilfield Injuries in Oklahoma Explained by Trusted Lawyer

Oilfield and gas workers work in one of the most dangerous professions there is. For one thing, they work with extremely toxic chemicals every single day. In addition, earthquakes pose another serious work hazard. With more than 5,000 incidents in 2015 alone, you and your team mates have a high chance of sustaining oilfield injuries in Oklahoma.

Due to the nature of their jobs, oilfield and gas workers must be extremely tough. Should you suffer an injury due to your job, however, there is absolutely no need to endure it by yourself and without compensation. There is a wide range of oilfield injuries, and being aware of what they are can help you seek damages should your situation warrant it.

Electric Shocks and Burns

There is a heightened risk of being shocked or burnt anytime there’s a live power line in the vicinity. In addition, chemical burns from caustic chemicals commonly used in oil fields can also cause significant burns. If uncontained, these can even create a tremendously corrosive spray that can hit you and your fellow workers.

common oilfield injuries

Prolonged Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

It doesn’t matter if you work in the refineries that convert crude oil to petroleum or if you work out there in the field — you are constantly exposed to toxic and hazardous work environments. Over the years, this exposure can cause permanent health problems, or at worst, even death.

Injuries from Construction Vehicles or Defective Machinery

Forklift tips, crane collapses, HAZMAT truck collisions, manufacturing defects, design flaws, broken rigs or derricks — name it, and it has already happened in an oilfield work environment. These are common construction and motor vehicles as well as machinery in the industry, so the chances of getting in an accident due to operating or even simple proximity to them is high.

If you do sustain an injury, you might be hesitant to seek financial compensation because you’ll find yourself fighting some of the biggest companies in the world. Even your fellow employees may not want to assist you since they might be jeopardizing their safety bonus.

It can be a confusing and scary time, but with a trusted personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma by your side, you can improve your chances of success and getting the just compensation you deserve.

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