A Seasoned Car Accident Lawyer Offers Tips on Handling Lowball Offers

seasoned car accidentIf you’ve never been in a car crash, congratulations–you’re the exception to the rule. Why? Because, according to data from CarInsurance.com, the average driver gets into a car accident once every 17.9 years.

According to the math, a driver suffers about three crashes in the course of a lifetime, resulting in a major expense in terms of both vehicle repair and medical bills. Because you have likely been in a car crash, you probably know that you don’t always receive the recompense you deserve. In fact, most insurance adjusters will flat out lowball you.

How does one respond to an adjuster’s offer? Below are some tips from an experienced Oklahoma car accident lawyer.

Have Documentation

To get a higher payout from the offending party, a crucial step is to document the extent of your car damage and injuries. This involves taking photos of the vehicle damage and collating the medical findings from your hospital. If you have documentary proof that the damage done exceeds the initial settlement offer, you are more likely to receive a higher reimbursement.

Get Vehicle Repair Quotes

One of the best ways to demonstrate the extent of damage to your car is to request a quote from a repair shop. However, don’t just get one quote–get three. Multiple quotes from individual shops substantiate the credulity of your request for a higher payout. Of course, don’t forget to include “peripheral” expenses in your counteroffer, such as car rental if your damaged vehicle is unusable.

Cite Effects on Quality of Life

Many crash victims become traumatized or sustain injuries that prevent participation in activities they enjoy. For instance, an injury to the leg can render an avid runner unable to pursue her favorite hobby. Likewise, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often arises from an accident. Therefore, when preparing your counteroffer, factor in the effect on your quality of life.

Get Everything in Writing

This should go without saying, but make sure to get a written confirmation of the final settlement you agree upon. To do so, you must write a letter to both the insurance adjuster and the insurance company confirming that a revised deal has been reached.

Of course, negotiating for more money with insurance adjusters or insurers can be quite challenging. If you’re unhappy with the initial offer given to you but are unsure how to proceed, get in touch with a reputable Oklahoma car accident attorney.

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