Respected Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Construction-Related Lawsuits

Just recently, the landmark personal injury case against the Salvation Army and a real estate speculator has been settled for a whopping $227 million. A building was being demolished and debris from it crushed a nearby Salvation Army store, injuring and killing several individuals. Aside from being one of the most high-profile cases of its kind, it also highlights the complexity of personal injury cases borne from construction negligence.

Surprisingly Common

Of course, construction-related personal injury cases are far from rare. After all, the construction environment itself can be very perilous, as there are plenty of large machineries, falling debris, and scaffolding on a job site, all of which can cause injuries. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that one in 10 construction employees are injured every year. And as the case above shows, people near the construction area can also be injured and sue for personal injuries.

Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Victims of Construction Mishaps
A Complex Matter

While injuries around a jobsite is common, litigating such as case can be extremely tricky. At the heart of every personal injury case is the need to establish that a certain party’s negligence lead to personal or property damage.

However, a construction project is a complex endeavor with many stakeholders who can all be held liable. First on the list is the construction site owner, who is considered the legal possessor of the land, and is thus ultimately liable for any and all injuries associated with it.

However, if the landowner tasks a general contractor to spearhead the project, culpability may then be shifted to the latter. But a general contractor also sub-contracts the project to various other partners, such as engineers, architects, etc. Likewise, construction problems may also arise if the equipment or materials used are found to be substandard, meaning the manufacturers of these items may also be legally liable for any mishaps.

And that’s just the construction side of the equation. In the case of the Salvation Army, failure of the store’s management to make it clear that their location was at risk due to the demolition project also makes them culpable for the deaths and injuries incurred.

Passing the Blame

As such, it’s no wonder that this case is considered one of the longest civil trials in Pennsylvania history. Victims of construction-related injuries are advised to consult with a trusted Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer to stand a better chance of getting the justice they deserve.

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