Oklahoma City Car Accident Lawyer Talks About How Car Accident Settlements Work

Besides dealing with injuries from a car accident, you must also face the ordeal of filing a lawsuit if you’re a victim of a hit-and-run or the compensation from the insurance company and the driver at fault are not enough to cover your damages. Worse, the accident may have resulted in temporary or permanent disability, such as traumatic brain injury, which can severely hamper your ability to provide for your family. Such injury increases your demand for a significant amount of economic compensation.

An Oklahoma City car accident lawyer explains how car accident settlements work and the most important steps to follow.

Oklahoma City Car Accident Lawyer Explains the Settlement Process

Report the Car Accident

If involved in an accident, you must inform the proper authorities. Oklahoma Statute Title 47, Chapter 10, Section 10-107 states your responsibility as the driver involved in a vehicular collision is to report the incident immediately to the local police, sheriff, or highway patrol.

Furthermore, if the accident caused injury, death, or property damage exceeding $300, a written report must be sent to the Department of Public Safety (DPS), particularly if there is no settlement achieved within six months of the event. Collect copies of these reports; they provide solid evidence for your case.

Car Accident Settlement Process

The process of settling car accident cases can differ widely from one accident to another. However, almost all of them begin with filing claims with the proper insurance company.

After the police investigate the accident, the insurer of the party at fault may provide a settlement offer. You can accept this offer or submit a counteroffer. The negotiation may take a long time before both parties arrive at a mutually agreed figure. Still, if you feel that the offer is too low, you can file a claim in civil court.

Furthermore, don’t take too long in deciding when to file your case because Oklahoma enforces a statute of limitations. If you want remedies for your personal injury and/or injury to your property, you only have two years from the time of the accident to file the case in court. Beyond two years, you will lose your right to file a suit. It’s advisable to contact a lawyer before the negotiation with the insurer begins. This improves your chances of a favorable settlement at the onset.

Because filing claims can be complex and tiresome, hire experienced car accident lawyers to assist you. They are experts in negotiating with insurance companies. Furthermore, if the case goes to court, car accident attorneys know how to comply with laws that can improve the success of your claim.

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