Let a Personal Injury Attorney Provide Legal Help in Slip and Fall Cases

As a renter or tenant, you have a right expect the property to be safe and properly maintained. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and a slip and fall accident may result. These types of accidents account for 1 million hospital emergency room visits (12% of total hospital visits due to falls).

Since these accidents can result in severe injury, you need to know who’s at fault and understand when it’s appropriate to seek help from a personal injury attorney.

Personal Injury Attorney Assistance Regarding Slip and Fall Injuries

Common Causes for Slip and Falls

Slips and falls can happen for many reasons and can occur at any location that is not properly maintained. Some of the most common causes include poorly maintained sidewalks, unguarded manholes, wet floors, safety code violations, loose handrails, uneven flooring, and broken stairways. If any of these problems caused your accident, it’s important to document important details. This is crucial not only for your case, but for the safety of other tenants living in the area.

Make notes about how your accident occurred, where it happened, and the severity of your injuries. This evidence is helpful should you need to file a civil suit against the landlord for failing to maintain their property to the best of his abilities.

General Landlord-Tenant Laws

The landlord-tenant laws in every state vary to some degree, but there are common regulations shared by all. Today, landlords are responsible for conditions in common areas and other places that they control. The tenant then takes over the area that they’re renting. However, if the landlord agreed to repair something within or around the apartment and signed a contract, the tenant is not held accountable for whatever problem or injury ensues.

Proving Causal Link

In order to have a case, you need to prove a causal link between the fall and injuries you experienced. This can be somewhat challenging because medical professionals need to provide a deposition showing this link. These professionals have busy lives and may not want to be bothered to help with your case.

Physicians are more receptive, however, to providing letters that show which injuries can be attributed to the fall. This helps your case tremendously and a personal injury attorney can use such letters to substantiate your claims.

If you believe your landlord should be held responsible for your slip and fall, contact a personal Injury attorney today. They’ll compile the necessary evidence and build your case, proving negligence and help you obtain fair compensation.

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