Learn How an Experienced Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help Prove Liability

experienced slip and fall lawyerMost people don’t think too much about how serious slips and falls can be until they are sprawled on the floor and dealing with intense pain. A simple stumble may have serious consequences to it, not just in terms of injury, but also in terms of cost.

Slip and fall victims may end up with a wide range of injuries, from mild scratches and bruises to severe dislocation of joints or broken bones. Where there is serious injury, you can bet there is also serious treatment and therapy–both potentially very expensive.

If you think somebody ought to be held responsible, then you might want to consider talking to an Oklahoma slip and fall lawyer, such as those from Little, Oliver & Gallagher, from to learn more about your options.

Possible Slip and Fall Liability

Filing a slip and fall case can be rather tricky. After all, people get into little accidents all the time. It can be because of uneven ground, a broken shoe, or simply lost balance. Individuals shouldn’t be too quick to pass the blame to somebody else, because you should be responsible for your own safety, too.

There are instances, however, when the accident could have been prevented by displaying an appropriate warning. A signage warning of a slippery floor or a barrier to keep people from stepping over broken stairs are simple things that could have been implemented to promote safety.

Arguing for Reasonability

Your Oklahoma City personal injury attorney should be able to raise the right questions when it comes to establishing proof of liability. Reasonableness of context and the defendant’s response to the same is going to be crucial. If you tripped on an object, was the object supposed to be in that location in the first place? Was there any apparent risk of that object being placed there? Was there any other location where it could have been placed?

After establishing this, the next question is on whether it is reasonable for you to expect that the person in charge or the property owner, should be expected to take care of it. If the answer is yes, but they did not act on it, then there may be liability there.

Seeking compensation for a personal injury will take time and effort on your part. Having a credible lawyer on your side, however, should help you navigate the complexities of the process. For more information contact one of our highly qualified Attorneys in the Oklahoma City area call (405) 253-4478 or our main office in Ardmore (580) 798-0447.


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