The First Three People You Should Seek After a Car Accident and Why

Involvement in a car accident can be traumatic, but it is necessary to know what to do in order to protect your well-being and your legal rights, should you need to file a case. You will need assistance from qualified experts because you can’t afford to do this alone–monetarily or otherwise.

To account for everything that happened from the moment of the incident, you need to visit your doctor, contact the police, and talk to a lawyer.

Get Proper Medical Treatment

First and foremost, you need to treat your injuries, but make sure that it is done by an appropriate doctor. There are physicians proficient in handling primary care, such as common illnesses, colds and other general medical treatments. However, they may not be experts in Oklahoma car accident injuries.

It is best to consult with a doctor who specializes in trauma injuries–those practicing in orthopedics, neurology, pain management, and chiropractic treatment. This way, you can compile timely and accurate documentation of your injuries, essential to legally protecting yourself should a case be filed.

Of course, if your injuries are severe and life threatening, you should be rushed to an emergency room.

File a Police Report

Even if you think it is only a minor accident, you should still call the police and file a report. There are instances that an at-fault driver may try to convince you to not involve the police and just settle the matter between the two of you.

Don’t listen to them. Filing a report is necessary to cover any expenses should an injury or damage to your vehicle be detected a few days after the accident. Going to the police will also help you confirm the evidence.

Call a Lawyer

The law can be quite difficult to understand because of the amount of rules and regulations that must be followed. An experienced Oklahoma City car accident lawyer can guide you through the process. They know exactly what to do in filing a case or an insurance claim in your favor. They can also talk to the authorities and everyone involved in the accident on your behalf, lifting the burden and stress off of you.

Procuring qualified help to handle the situation immediately after the accident allows you to focus on your recovery. For more information contact one of our highly qualified Attorneys in the Oklahoma City area call (405) 253-4478 or our main office in Ardmore (580) 798-0447.

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