A Car Accident Lawyer Shares Advice on What to Do Right After an Accident

Even without the constant media attention, it’s unsurprising that car accidents are quite common in America. According to the National Safety Council, approximately 4.6 million people required medical attention after crashes in 2016, a 7% increase compared to the numbers recorded in 2015. Just imagine the number of lives lost due to a car crash.

Many people are understandably disoriented right a vehicular accident and may have absolutely no idea as to what to do next. Though it’s ideal to avoid getting involved in a crash, remember these steps from a car accident lawyer should this happen.

Get Out of Harm’s Way

One of the most overlooked things to do after a car crash is to distance yourself from the accident site. A person’s first instinct is usually to assess the damage or give a piece of their mind to the responsible party. Keep in mind, though, that severe aftermaths are at times inevitable.

A Car Accident Lawyer Advises People to Remain Calm After an Accident

In the case of severe crashes, for instance, it could sever the gas line of your (or the other party’s) vehicle and leak fuel. Add a little spark, and the car could explode and cause you even more harm. As soon as you are able to, go and find a safe place nearby.

Call for Help

Rather than contacting your family and friends to tell them about the unfortunate turn of events, it’s wiser to call the police if one isn’t already on the scene. They will make a report of the accident listing the damages and possible causes on how the crash came to be. If you need immediate medical attention, don’t rely on the bystanders for help and call an ambulance as soon as possible.

Stop and Observe

If you’ve sustained relatively minor injuries, you can document the damages to your car and yourself with your phone’s camera. At the same time, pay close attention to the other party. How is his behavior? If he looked as if he is drunk or under the influence, document this as well.

If the other driver appears lucid, you can try exchanging insurance information with him. Only involve your insurance company and your lawyer if the other driver is adamant on not recognizing his own fault. Distance yourself from the negligent party and make the call to avoid further altercations that may have an impact on the result you want.

The law varies by state, so it’s best to file a claim with the help of a professional car accident lawyer. They can help you estimate the damages and fight for a fair compensation on your behalf while you focus on rehabilitating yourself from the accident.

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