Why should you hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Oklahoma City?

Did you know that more than 50 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents stem from collisions with cars? Riding a bike is definitely a great experience and many bikers enjoy prolonged stretches of mountain trailing and other trips to remote areas. But before setting out, you must check the vehicle and its equipment. Even after practicing caution, none can ever tell when you will be met with an accident.

What are the various causes of bike accidents?

Several factors contribute to motorcycle wrecks and they range from poor road conditions to unmindful riding to the problems involving other people also. At times, the most serious collisions stem from a blend of all these problems. And when you are knocked down in a bike accident, a reliable Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyer can take you through the process. Some of the major causes of motorcycle accidents are:

  • Side swiping or rear-end collision
  • Bad road or weather conditions
  • Loss of bike control or skidding
  • Lack of visibility
  • Dangerous driving due to intoxication
  • Failing to yield while changing lane, merging, or splitting

Why will you need a responsible Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyer?

The top reason why you should have a lawyer to represent your bike accident case is that they are aware of the law. An attorney has the right knowledge and experience in working with the relevant regulations which makes them the perfect choice for handling the case. Moreover, the lawyer can find out who’s responsible and gather the crucial evidence for backing up the case. If you are still not convinced, here are some more reasons why you should hire a lawyer:

Staying objective:

It will be extremely difficult for you to come around after an accident if you are continuously thinking about settling deadlines or communicating with the insurance companies. All of these are natural procedures after the accident and sometimes you will feel it is too much to endure.

But when you have a reputed motorcycle accident lawyer to represent your case, then you can rest assured that the case is handled in an objective and practical way at the time when you require complete emotional and physical rest.

Receiving the best settlement:

It is a universally accepted fact that people who are faced with an accident and have attorneys to represent their case have higher chances of settling the case compared to those who don’t. When you are physically suffering and emotionally exhausted, the last thing you would want is to do is to take is the pain of representing yourself before the court or settle the case out of the court. You can only have the best chance of a fair judgment when you have an expert motorcycle accident lawyer beside you.

Negotiating with the insurance companies:

One of the most difficult aspects of surviving a motorcycle accident is to be involved in the processes which are not really a part of the mishap. Negotiating with the insurance companies is perhaps the most draining component of an accident.

It’s their primary objective to get you as little money as possible and the last thing you can expect from them is to help you out in such a situation. Having an attorney beside you can effectively take the load off and work with the insurance company on behalf of you.

Faster healing:

When you know experts are handling your case efficiently, you can prioritize getting better while the attorneys take the stress of devising the best measures to win your case. After an accident, it’s highly likely that you will have several appointments with the doctors and other therapy sessions. Thus, having one of the best lawyers by your side can take a chunk of the burden off your shoulders.


Motorcycle accidents are very destructive as they can change lives forever. In worst cases, such accidents are fatal leaving the survivors in utter dismay and grief. On the same line, the aftermath of the accident is equally chaotic after the injury.

With the medical expenses accumulating and insurance companies turning their back, the best help you can offer yourself is to have an experienced Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyer to represent your case. To speak with one of our experienced lawyers call us in Oklahoma City at (405) 253-4478 or our main office in Ardmore at (580) 798-0447.