7 Important Benefits of Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney

25% of all traffic-related deaths are caused by drunk drivers, which translates to an average of 29 people every day. Medical errors account for over 250,000 deaths annually in the U.S., and these are not the only causes of wrongful deaths.

Whether your loved one dies due to a slip and fall accident or a workplace injury that was caused by negligence, it’s only right that you file a claim. Hiring a professional wrongful death attorney is one of the best decisions you can make because they will fight for the full compensation you deserve.

Nothing can be any more painful than losing a loved one. It hurts even worse when their death was caused by a negligent party. You may be thinking about handling the case on your own, but we’ll give you the most important benefits of hiring a wrongful death attorney.

1. To Protect Your Family’s Financial Interests

After the unexpected and sudden death of a family member, there is bound to be a significant emotional and financial impact. The financial impact can especially be a major concern if the person who passed away was the family’s primary wage-earner. This means that you will have to find a way to make ends meet, and given that the death was unexpected, you may not know what to do.

Apart from this, you will have to deal with possible medical bills, funeral costs, and all other costs associated with their death. Filing a wrongful death claim will relieve you of this financial burden once you get the compensation. The claim is likely to help you pay all the funeral expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and possibly more.

To get compensation for all these, you need to have a professional attorney fighting for your case. They will help you calculate everything from medical expenses to funeral expenses and loss of earnings to determine how much you deserve.

The problem is that you may not be able to get proper compensation on your own given that you have no experience in the field. This makes hiring a professional wrongful death lawyer an ideal choice.

2. Experience and Expertise

If there’s one reason why you should hire a professional wrongful death attorney, it’s to even the playing field. You see, you’re most likely to be dealing with an insurance company that will have a horde of professional attorneys by their side. In turn, you also need to have a professional attorney that will bring experience and expertise to the table.

A competent and experienced attorney will have first-hand knowledge about the legal process. They will know all tactics that the defendant is likely to use to avoid the claim. They’ll come armed with the experience it takes to build a strong case, regardless of the complexities surrounding it.

Handling a wrongful-death lawsuit by yourself is not the best idea. There are deadlines to be met, laws to understand, negotiations to be made, and decisions to be made. One mistake in these steps could jeopardize the case and deny you the compensation you deserve.

3. You Can Focus on the Family

After losing a loved one, family togetherness becomes the most important aspect of the situation. It’s during this time that your family needs your support more than ever in order to cope with the loss and try to move forward.

Hiring a competent wrongful death attorney means that you won’t have to split your focus with court proceedings or negotiations with the other party. The attorney will handle everything from filing the case to negotiating a well-thought-out compensation amount that your family deserves for the injustice that was done to you.

4. You Get to Uncover the Truth

In some cases, depending on the type of accident or incident that resulted in your loved one’s death, it may not be exactly clear what caused the death. You’ll find that the responsible party may not come forward, to tell the truth.

It can be incredibly difficult for your family to move on when they don’t get closure. However, you will have a better chance of uncovering the truth when you have a professional attorney investigating your case.

The thing is, uncovering the truth will be the foundation of your wrongful death claim. An investigation will be conducted, and you will discover all the nitty-gritty details and the culprit behind the death of a loved one.

5. You Can Avoid Mistakes

Most attorneys are very cunning, for lack of a better word, and if you decide to handle the case against a professional attorney, they will trick you into thinking that the little compensation you get is what you deserve. Even worse, they could ask you questions and make you admit to things that could contribute to the loss of your case.

For this reason, it will go a long way if you have a professional attorney that will engage with the other party. This will keep you from making any mistakes that could jeopardize the case. They will make sure that you only say what’s necessary and handle all the paperwork to ensure that all deadlines are met.

6. It’ll Save You Time and Money

You may be thinking that hiring a lawyer will only eat into the little money you may have. However, in the long run, having a professional wrongful death attorney will save you both time and money.

Navigating a case on your own can easily become a costly endeavor. Without knowledge about the law, you will waste a lot of time building the case.

7. You Will Gain Access to Resources

To build a solid case, it’s imperative to provide evidence, and the process can be increasingly difficult without evidence to prove your case. A wrongful death lawyer will use their resources such as expert witnesses, investigators, and other specialists necessary to prove the wrongful death claim. Without these resources, it will be incredibly hard to prove the case and get compensation.

Fighting for Your Loved One By Hiring the Best Wrongful Death Attorney

These are some of the best benefits of hiring a professional wrongful death attorney. You are bound to have a higher chance of winning the case when you have an expert fight for your right. You’re also more likely to get the right amount of compensation for all losses incurred during this trying time.

If you have lost a loved one through wrongful death in Oklahoma, please get in touch with Little Oliver Gallagher PLLC Attorneys At Law. We have some of the most professional and aggressive wrongful death attorneys that will do everything possible to ensure you get justice.