Get Help from Medical Malpractice Lawyers and Get Just Compensation in Time

Medical treatment providers are expected to work with the highest degree of professionalism because of the nature of their jobs. Dealing with another person’s health, after all, is a serious matter; they literally have their patient’s life in their hands.

Because of the gravity of this role, the laws are strict when it comes to medical malpractice. Penalties can be harsh and downright life-changing, ranging from having to pay high fees for damages, to removal of the license to practice medicine.

If you are pursuing a case of medical malpractice in Oklahoma, it is best that you seek the professional legal assistance of a lawyer so that you can better ensure a successful claim and just compensation.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Working to Establish Liability of Doctors
Statute of Limitations

The first thing you should be mindful of when thinking of filing a medical malpractice suit is that the state law of Oklahoma explicitly stipulates a prescription period. According to the Oklahoma Statutes section 76-18, victims or their kin have two years from the time of injury to file suit.

Take note that this not only pertains to the initial complaint, but also the affidavit of the plaintiff, which reflects their claim under oath that there is indeed a good cause for the suit, and that an expert medical witness concurs with the finding that medical malpractice has occurred.

In certain cases, discovery of the medical negligence could happen past the 2-year mark. In this case, while you can still try and file a suit, you must prove that its immediate discovery simply would not have been possible even with the “exercise of reasonable diligence.” That is a serious burden to bear, which is why it’s more advisable for you to seek the help of medical malpractice lawyers in Oklahoma.

Claiming for Damages

There are two kinds of damages that you may file a claim for when it comes to medical malpractice: economic and non-economic. Economic damages pertain to the amount of measurable costs of the patient that may be traced back to the medical malpractice. This includes the medical expenses of the patient, lost wages on account of being sick or injured, and others.

The non-economic damages refer to those that cannot be quantified, such as the pain and suffering that the patient had to experience, the loss of enjoyment of life, the pain and suffering of the family left behind in case of the patient’s demise, and other losses that are non-quantifiable in nature.

Because of these intricate and complex details surrounding medical malpractice laws in Oklahoma, you’ll be better off working with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer such as those from Little, Oliver & Gallagher. For more information contact one of our highly qualified Attorneys in the Oklahoma City area call (405) 253-4478 or our main office in Ardmore (580) 798-0447.


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